Department Of Zoology

The establishment of the Jagannath Kishore College in 1948 was a commitment towards developing Purulia as a Center of Learning. Department of Zoology started its journey from1955-56 (Inter-Science Course) 1969-70 (B.Sc. Pass Course) and in 1988-89 ( Zoology).The teachers and the students of the department enjoy a very healthy andhappy relationship. Thefaculty members of the department are extremely sincere, they always try to develop innovative ways to teach biological science and thatalso makes it enjoyable. In order to motivate our students we are constantly encouraging an interactive learning environment in the department, we are arranging student presentations, assignment work, group discussion etc. as a part of our innovative learning initiative.
As Purulia belongs toChota-Nagpur plateau which is significant in terms of its biological diversity, Along with the teaching, research works on biodiversity and toxinology also an important part of this department. The research on butterfly diversity and ongoing major project on toxinology helps us to introduce our student with basic research programme.

Principal's Desk
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Dr. Santanu Chattopadhyay

I have the proud privilege to share my views on Jagannath Kishore College, with whom I have been associated for the last twenty-five years initially as a faculty of Physics, and then as the Principal for the last seven years or so. Founded in 1948, and serving as a premiere institution for higher education in Purulia for over seven decades, this college has followed the motto ‘Shraddhavan Lavate Jnanam’( a faithful person achieves knowledge) to its optimum. In Swami Vivekananda’s words ‘Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man’ –.....

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