Our Vision, Mission and Core Values


  • To help students from the economically challenged background overcome all sorts of barriers – social, financial as well as mental.
  • To be an eminent centre of education, synchronizing the values of traditional culture &brilliance of modern knowledge.
  • To focus in catering to the needs of the young talents of rich potentialities by satisfying their thrust for inquisitiveness to a great possible extent.
  • To create a great mass of educated human beings of exemplary character &integrated personalities.
  •  To equip the students to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of a globalized econmy

  • To sustain and strive for further academic excellence.
  • To enhance infrastructural facilities to accommodate diverse academic programmes.
  • To inculcate humane values and greater responsibilities in students.
  • To cultivate healthy and sustainable ecological practices.
  • To promote environment of free thinking and research
 Core Values

The values which guide us at Jagannath Kishore College are:
  •  Faith in the divinity of man.
  •  Love for all – man, creatures and environment.
  •  Moral Uprightness.
  •  Commitment to Society.
  •  Pursuit of Excellence and Wisdom.


Principal's Desk
Principal Image

Dr. Santanu Chattopadhyay

I have the proud privilege to share my views on Jagannath Kishore College, with whom I have been associated for the last twenty-five years initially as a faculty of Physics, and then as the Principal for the last seven years or so. Founded in 1948, and serving as a premiere institution for higher education in Purulia for over seven decades, this college has followed the motto ‘Shraddhavan Lavate Jnanam’( a faithful person achieves knowledge) to its optimum. In Swami Vivekananda’s words ‘Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man’ –.....

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    25.09.2019
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    22.09.2019
  • Unveiling of the Statue of Swami Vivekananda
    15.09.2019
  • Summer Fest-2K19
    14/03/2019