Discipline and Anti Ragging Committee

1.Smt. S. Choudhury Mob- 9474509716
2.Sri R. Goswami Mob-9434246162
3.Dr. A.K. Agarwal , Associate Professor, (Convener),   Mob-9832238016
4.Dr. K.L.Dutta, Mob-9474722896
5.Dr. L.C. Pati, Mob- 9434219955
6.Sri. L.K. Pradhan, Head Clerk, Mob- 9474511503
7.Sri. A.K. Bandyopadhyay, Mob- 9434219603
8.Sri Partha Sarathi Paul, Representative of SP, Mob -9083269407
9.Hostel Super :
          a.CRMMH - Dr. Mahadeb Das - Mob- 9434161713
          b.TBAH - Sri Sumanta Maity - Mob – 9474560476
GKDGH - Smt. Susmita Choudhury - Mob - 9474509716

10.Student Representative (GS/AGS)
Principal's Desk
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Dr. Santanu Chattopadhyay Jagannath Kishore College, Purulia is one of the leading colleges in West Bengal & India. Established in 1948, the college appeared as the premier institution in the field of higher education in this district, and over the last 65 years it has come up as the lead college of the district......

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