Career Counselling

Career Counselling Committee:
1.    Principal
2.    Dr. A.K. Agarwal
3.    Prof. Sayantan Datta,(Convener) 
4.    Dr. C. Sengupta
5.    Dr. Sujit Ghosh
6.    Dr. Kakoli Tah

7.    Dr. Partha Sarathi Saha
8.    Prof. Subhrajyoti Das

                                            The career counseling is taken care of by a teamof faculties of our college. Seminars are arranged intermittently along with interactive session with the students apprising them of what to do regarding their career. For this purpose, a fairly systematic approach has been adopted. Different departmental faculties are entrusted to guide their students and to enlighten them regarding different avenues in the concern subjects. In the common podium students are assembled and basically they are guided rather than counseled. For this purpose resource persons deliver motivational talk, tips on CV writing and also tips on interview facing are also given. Students are advised to get rid of their weaknesses for example communication skill along with necessary soft skills. For this purpose college has arranged remedial classes for willing students. Resource persons from different arena are invited. For this purpose govt. officials from ministry of labours, govt of west Bengal, resource persons from management institute, resource persons from well-known grooming institute for competitive exams, are often invited to interact with the students. The entirety of the holistic approach are recorded and documented.

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