Facilities Available in the College

The total area of 21.28 acre of the College campus totally encircled with boundary wall is fully equipped with several physical and infrastructural facilities.  The physical facilities such as modern classrooms, seminar halls, technology enabled learning spaces, well equipped laboratories are easily accessible for the stake-holders of the colleges. Besides specialized facilities such as e-learning, Inflibnet etc. guiding towards modern research are also easily available.

1. Curricular facilities :

adequate modern classrooms, easily accessible technology enabled learning spaces, seminar halls, well equipped modern laboratories, garden of medicinal plants etc.


2. Co-curricular facilities :

playground with eight lane 400 m track & field with an enclave of football ground, space for indoor games, gymnasium, medical facility cells. Moreover, there are three NSS units performing multifarious activities such as social work and community services. The NSS units also undertake half-yearly camps with different service programs such as literacy camps, health workshops, environmental awareness programs, blood donation camps, pulse polio immunization. Additionally the NCC unit of the college aim at inculcating the values of discipline, courage, conviction and commitment enquired for the unity and integrity of the nation by observing the programs of National days and Foundation day of the college.


3. Residential facilities :

Accommodations available in 4 present hostels, namelyGokul Kumari Debi Hostel for Girl students and Chittranjan Mahato Memorial Hostel, ThakkarBappaAdibasi Hostel & Central Schedule Caste Hostel for boy students.  Moreover, there are adequate recreation facilities with common-rooms and library facilities in the hostels.


a) ChittaranjanMahato Memorials Hostel :

This is a general hostel for boys, the first of its kind since the inception of the college which started from 1996. The hostel has been constructed from the MP’s fund under Location Area Development Scheme. Total number of available seats – 56.

Application form for admission to the hostel must be collected only after admission process is over, and necessary contact in this regard may be made in the college office.


b) ThakkarBappaAdibasi Hostel:

The hostel is run by the Government of West Bengal and attached to the college. It admits students belonging to the scheduled Tribes only. Total number of available seats – 48.


c) Central Scheduled Caste Hostel:

The Hostel is run by the Government of West Bengal and attached to the college. It admits students belonging to the Scheduled caste only. Total number of available seats – 84.


d) Gokul Kumari Debi Girls' Hostel:


The hostels are supervised by the members of the college staff.


4. Common facilities:

  • Canteen with safe drinking water facility
  • Health center facility
  • Several vehicle stands
  • Grievance Redressal Unit
  • Anti Ragging Cell
  • Ultra –modern AC auditorium with a capacity of 210 along with projection and audio-visual facilities
  • Career Counseling Cell
  • Entry Level Coaching facilities
  • Gymnasium

5. Vivekananda KendriyaGranthagar: The Library facilities:

J. K. College possesses an enriched library in the district. Perhaps it is the biggest and richest college library in the University also. The Central Library,with 250 sr. meter area and reading room having 75 seating capacity, houses up-to-date books and periodicals on various subjects. Scientific method of classification, searching system and computerized cataloguing is the most important feature of our library. The library has to its credit nearly 48000 books, and remains open from 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM on all the working days. Searching of Reference books, INFLIBNET, assistances in searching databases and immediate reprographic reproduction are the most important specialized services provided by the library.

The Central Library is situated amidst greenery and at a quiet place within the campus. It is ideal for engrossed study and deep mediation in the temple of knowledge and wisdom. Beautification of the frontage of the Library is the dream project at hand.


6. Information Technology facilities:

Adequate desktop computers with latest configuration running with Licensed WINDOWS 7 and MS Office software are connected with LAN facilities and Central Server System is one of the unique feature amongst the educational institutions of the district. All the terminals are enriched with internet facility. Moreover, network and internet facilities are available through Wi-Fi facility. Students and teachers of all departments can make best use of the IT-facilities within the campus. We pledge to tune ourselves up with all modifications and advancements in the field.

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