N.S.S. & N.C.C :
National Service Scheme (NSS):
         There are four units of NSS in the College under the supervision of NSS Prog. Officers  Prof. P. Sarkar, Dr. Mahadeb Das, Dr. P Rakshit, and Prof. M. Paramanik under whom there are three adopted villages.
       The most highlighted area among the multifarious activities undertaken by the NSS is the Social Work/ Community Service in the adopted villages with active cooperation of local self-government bodies. The NSS units of the college undertake half-yearly campus with different service programmesi,e. Literacy Campus, workshop on health and Environment Awareness, Blood Donation Camp, Pulse Polio immunisation, and seminars on Plantation & Afforestation, Drug Addiction etc.
National Cadet Corps (NCC):
         The NCC unit of the college is under the charge of Prof. Manoranjan Maji.
       The Programmes of The N.C.C unit of the college aim at inculcating the values of discipline, responsibility and national integrity, and promote active participation in the observance of National Days and Foundation Day of the college.        N.C.C cadets display the values of discipline, courage, conviction and commitment required for the unity and integrity of the nation and inculcate the values of communal harmony and national integrity.        NCC units is open to both boys and girls. A good number of NCC cadets are being employed in Army, BSF, WBP, CISF, CRPF, KP etc., and 10% reservation is available in certain service in W.B.        Our NCC Cadets have participated at National Level parade in New Delhi on the Republic Day. Miss ChitraShantikari(SUO), a girl NCC Cadet, represented Purulia district in National parade for the first time.
Play Fields:
         The College possesses wide space of land within its campus. At present the preparation work for 8 lane 400 meter track, football ground inside the track, gallery at the play ground are in progress with the help of UGC. With the help of PuruliaMunicipality, the Youth Welfare Department and ManbhumSports Association, these are utilized to provide fields for Football, Cricket and Volleyball etc., and it is used for Annual Sports as well.
J.K. Times:
         It is multidisciplinary academic Journal (ISSN:2278-4047) with scholarly articles being published annually by the college since 2005. The journal is managed by a list of editors who are prominent in their fields. Contributors include outside college cum University teachers as well. The college authority is trying to increase its publication frequency.
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Minimum Disclosure (UGC)
Presently we are following Minimum Disclosure (UGC)
Principal's Desk

Dr. Santanu Chattopadhyay
Jagannath Kishore College, Purulia is one of the leading colleges in West Bengal & India. Established in 1948, the college appeared as the premier institution in the field of higher education in this district, and over the last 65 years it has come up as the lead college of the district.
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