Master Routine(Commerce)

J.K. COLLEGE, PURULIA                                                                                                                                                                                          CLASS ROUTINE, COMMERCE UNIT (MORNING), w.e.f. 05.07.2019
DAY SEM 6.30-7.30AM 7.30-8.30AM 8.30-9.30AM 9.30-10.30AM 10.30-11.30AM
MON 1ST  SEM FA(H)-JS(5)       FA(P)-PD(3) PPM(H&P)-MS(5)                FA(H)-PD(5)            FA(P)-RN(3)     ****                 FA(P)-RN(3) TUTORIAL
3RD SEM BS(H)-PD(4)   FCA(P)-RN(12) BS(H)-PD(4)    ****  MAE(H)-MC(4) BENG(P)-SM(12) HIND(P)-AKS(2) FCA(H)-JS(4)  FCA(P)-MS(5) ****                   ****  
5TH  SEM AUD(H)-MS(8)  ECO(P)-MC(6) MA(H)-JS(8)   FM(P)-RN(6)    AUD(H)-MS(8)      ***** TAX(H)-PD(8)  ****   REMEDIAL
TUES 1ST  SEM FA(H)-JS(5)      **** FA(H)-JS(5)         **** ****                     **** PPM(H&P)-RG(5)   REMEDIAL
3RD SEM BS(H)-PD(4)   FCA(P)-RN(3) BS(H)-PD(4)   FCA(P)-RN(3) MAE(H)-MC(4) IT(P)-PD(3) CA(H)-PD(4)     **** TUTORIAL
5TH  SEM FMO(H)-MC(8)  **** TAX(H)-PD(8)  ECO(P)-MC(6) AUD(H)-RG(8)  FM(P)-RN(6)   ****             FM(P)-JS(6) ****                   ****  
WED 1ST  SEM BCL(H)-RC(5)     BENG(P)-SM(12)  HIND(P)-AKS(2) BCL(H)-RC(5)     BENG(P)-SM(12)  HIND(P)-AKS(2) ****                   **** ****                   **** ****                   ****  
3RD SEM BS(H)-PD(4)      **** BS(H)-PD(4)       IT(P)-PD(3) FCA(H)-RG(4) BENG(P)-SM(5) HIND(P)-AKS-(2) CA(H)-PD(4)  FCA(P)-MS(3) REMEDIAL
5TH  SEM MA(H)-JS(8)  FM(P)-RG(6) AUD(H)-RG(8)  AUD(P)-MS(6) TAX(H)-PD(8)  ENT(P)-MS(6) CA(H)-JS(8)  AUD(P)-RG(6) TUTORIAL
THU 1ST  SEM PPM(H&P)-RG(5)      PPM(H&P)-RG(5)   FA(H)-PD(5)     ****  ****                FA(P)-PD(3)   TUTORIAL
3RD SEM MAE(H)-MC(4) IT(P)-PD(6) FCA(H)-JS(4) BENG(P)-SM(3) HIND(P)-AS(2)   EC(H)-SS(4)      BENG(P)-SM(3) HIND(P)-AKS(2) EC(H)-SS(4)       IT(P)-RN(5) ****                   ****  
5TH  SEM MA(H)-JS(8)        ****  TAX(H)-RN(8) ECO(P)-MC(6) FMO(H)-MC(8)  FM(P)-RN(6) MA(H)RG(8)    ****   REMEDIAL
FRI 1ST  SEM PPM(H&P)-RG(5)     **** ****                 BENG(P)-SM(4)  HIND(P)-AKS(2)  FA(H)-PD(5) BENG(P)-SM(4)  HIND(P)-AKS(2)   ****               FA(P)-PD(5) REMEDIAL
3RD SEM CA(H)-JS(3)      **** CA(H)-JS(3)       IT(P)-PD(5) MAE(H)-MC(3)      **** FCA(H)-JS(3)         *** TUTORIAL
5TH  SEM   TAX(H)-PD(8) AUD(P)-MS(6)  FMO(H)-MC(8) ENT(P)-MS(6) MA(H)-RG(8) AUD(P)-MS(6) ****                   **** ****                   ****  
SAT 1ST  SEM BCL(H)RC(5) BENG(P)-SM(12)  HIND(P)-AKS(2)  ENG(P)-SP(3) BCL(H)RC(5) BENG(P)-SM(12)  HIND(P)-AKS(2)  ENG(P)-SP(3) ****                   **** ****                   ****   ****                   ****  
3RD SEM FCA(H)-RG(4)    **** FCA(H)-RG(4)     **** CA(H)-PD(4)  CAB(P)-SS(5) CA(H)-PD(4)  CAB(P)-SS(5) REMEDIAL
5TH  SEM FMO(H)-MC(8)  ****     TAX(H)-PD(8)               ECO(P)-MC(6) AUD(H)-RG(8)       ****     MA(H)-RG(8)       **** TUTORIAL
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        J. K. College, Purulia


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Dr. Santanu Chattopadhyay Jagannath Kishore College, Purulia is one of the leading colleges in West Bengal & India. Established in 1948, the college appeared as the premier institution in the field of higher education in this district, and over the last 65 years it has come up as the lead college of the district......

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