Master Routine(Commerce)

J.K. COLLEGE, PURULIA                                                                                                                                                                                          CLASS ROUTINE, COMMERCE UNIT (MORNING), w.e.f. 05.07.2019
DAY SEM 6.30-7.30AM 7.30-8.30AM 8.30-9.30AM 9.30-10.30AM 10.30-11.30AM
MON 1ST  SEM FA(H)-JS(5)       FA(P)-PD(3) PPM(H&P)-MS(5)                FA(H)-PD(5)            FA(P)-RN(3)     ****                 FA(P)-RN(3) TUTORIAL
3RD SEM BS(H)-PD(4)   FCA(P)-RN(12) BS(H)-PD(4)    ****  MAE(H)-MC(4) BENG(P)-SM(12) HIND(P)-AKS(2) FCA(H)-JS(4)  FCA(P)-MS(5) ****                   ****  
5TH  SEM AUD(H)-MS(8)  ECO(P)-MC(6) MA(H)-JS(8)   FM(P)-RN(6)    AUD(H)-MS(8)      ***** TAX(H)-PD(8)  ****   REMEDIAL
TUES 1ST  SEM FA(H)-JS(5)      **** FA(H)-JS(5)         **** ****                     **** PPM(H&P)-RG(5)   REMEDIAL
3RD SEM BS(H)-PD(4)   FCA(P)-RN(3) BS(H)-PD(4)   FCA(P)-RN(3) MAE(H)-MC(4) IT(P)-PD(3) CA(H)-PD(4)     **** TUTORIAL
5TH  SEM FMO(H)-MC(8)  **** TAX(H)-PD(8)  ECO(P)-MC(6) AUD(H)-RG(8)  FM(P)-RN(6)   ****             FM(P)-JS(6) ****                   ****  
WED 1ST  SEM BCL(H)-RC(5)     BENG(P)-SM(12)  HIND(P)-AKS(2) BCL(H)-RC(5)     BENG(P)-SM(12)  HIND(P)-AKS(2) ****                   **** ****                   **** ****                   ****  
3RD SEM BS(H)-PD(4)      **** BS(H)-PD(4)       IT(P)-PD(3) FCA(H)-RG(4) BENG(P)-SM(5) HIND(P)-AKS-(2) CA(H)-PD(4)  FCA(P)-MS(3) REMEDIAL
5TH  SEM MA(H)-JS(8)  FM(P)-RG(6) AUD(H)-RG(8)  AUD(P)-MS(6) TAX(H)-PD(8)  ENT(P)-MS(6) CA(H)-JS(8)  AUD(P)-RG(6) TUTORIAL
THU 1ST  SEM PPM(H&P)-RG(5)      PPM(H&P)-RG(5)   FA(H)-PD(5)     ****  ****                FA(P)-PD(3)   TUTORIAL
3RD SEM MAE(H)-MC(4) IT(P)-PD(6) FCA(H)-JS(4) BENG(P)-SM(3) HIND(P)-AS(2)   EC(H)-SS(4)      BENG(P)-SM(3) HIND(P)-AKS(2) EC(H)-SS(4)       IT(P)-RN(5) ****                   ****  
5TH  SEM MA(H)-JS(8)        ****  TAX(H)-RN(8) ECO(P)-MC(6) FMO(H)-MC(8)  FM(P)-RN(6) MA(H)RG(8)    ****   REMEDIAL
FRI 1ST  SEM PPM(H&P)-RG(5)     **** ****                 BENG(P)-SM(4)  HIND(P)-AKS(2)  FA(H)-PD(5) BENG(P)-SM(4)  HIND(P)-AKS(2)   ****               FA(P)-PD(5) REMEDIAL
3RD SEM CA(H)-JS(3)      **** CA(H)-JS(3)       IT(P)-PD(5) MAE(H)-MC(3)      **** FCA(H)-JS(3)         *** TUTORIAL
5TH  SEM   TAX(H)-PD(8) AUD(P)-MS(6)  FMO(H)-MC(8) ENT(P)-MS(6) MA(H)-RG(8) AUD(P)-MS(6) ****                   **** ****                   ****  
SAT 1ST  SEM BCL(H)RC(5) BENG(P)-SM(12)  HIND(P)-AKS(2)  ENG(P)-SP(3) BCL(H)RC(5) BENG(P)-SM(12)  HIND(P)-AKS(2)  ENG(P)-SP(3) ****                   **** ****                   ****   ****                   ****  
3RD SEM FCA(H)-RG(4)    **** FCA(H)-RG(4)     **** CA(H)-PD(4)  CAB(P)-SS(5) CA(H)-PD(4)  CAB(P)-SS(5) REMEDIAL
5TH  SEM FMO(H)-MC(8)  ****     TAX(H)-PD(8)               ECO(P)-MC(6) AUD(H)-RG(8)       ****     MA(H)-RG(8)       **** TUTORIAL
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        J. K. College, Purulia
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Dr. Santanu Chattopadhyay

I have the proud privilege to share my views on Jagannath Kishore College, with whom I have been associated for the last twenty-five years initially as a faculty of Physics, and then as the Principal for the last seven years or so. Founded in 1948, and serving as a premiere institution for higher education in Purulia for over seven decades, this college has followed the motto ‘Shraddhavan Lavate Jnanam’( a faithful person achieves knowledge) to its optimum. In Swami Vivekananda’s words ‘Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man’ –.....

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