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Science Laboratories of Jagannath Kishore College: A short look
In science, laboratory work is indispensible. The main purpose of the laboratory work is to provide conceptual & theoretical knowledge to the students to learn the scientific concepts and the nature of science. In order to achieve meaningful learning, scientific theories and their application methods should be experienced by students & laboratory work gives that opportunity to them. Jagannath Kishore College is augmented with good facilities of following scientific laboratories that serve the students for their better prospect.
Computer science
The college has two well-furnished computer laboratories with high end computers interconnected via high speed LAN and internet. As one of the important facilities of this institution these laboratories support the study, teaching, research, and development programs to the students as well as faculties of this institute. One of the laboratories is open access to all the students and remains open from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM from Monday to Saturday. The laboratory also supports Wi-Fi internet facility to access online study resources via mobile and laptops.
Department of Zoology
Department of Zoology has three laboratories 1) Dissection & biochemical laboratory, 2) Museum & Identification laboratory, 3) laboratory for advanced research. Identification of animal and dissection for the system study is an inevitable part for zoology. Dissection and museum cum identification laboratory give this opportunity to the students. Biochemical testing like quantitative & quantitative analysis of the biomolecules, (Protein, Fat, carbohydrate, DNA etc.) were done in biochemical laboratory. Department also have advanced research laboratory equipped with Gel electrophoresis unit, Centrifuge, Microscope, -20C freezer, centrifuge, microscopes & other pharmacological instruments. This laboratory I mainly used for the ongoing major research project funded by Govt. of WB. Toxinology research with spider venom toxin in this laboratory, give exposure of basic biological research techniques to the students and research scholar of this department.
Department of Chemistry
In this Department both quantitative and qualitative experiments of inorganic, organic and physical chemistries are done, which give exposure to the students taking chemistry as major subject. Department of chemistry has three laboratories for conducting regular practical classes. There is a room/store for keeping reagents and apparatus. There is a strong room for keeping Acids and Bases. The department has some costly instruments like double beam UV-VIS spectrophotometer, TLC glass apparatus, distilled water maker, pH-Meters etc for research activities. An add-on course on water quality analysis, the department has chemicals for testing hardness of water and kit for arsenic testing.

Department of microbiology
A Microbiology lab is a place to grow and study tiny organisms, called microbes. Microbes can include bacteria, fungus, viruses, and protozoa. In microbiology laboratory  standard microbiological tests such as Gram's staining followed by Morphological characterization and biochemical characterization tests such as Carbohydrate fermentation test, Starch utilization, Catalase test, Voges - Proskauer test, Urease test, Oxidase test, Gelatin liquefaction, Motility to identify the organism, virology etc molecular biology related practicals were performed.
The laboratory of the microbiology departments of J.K.COLLEGE is well equipped by many instruments like B.O.D Incubator, Autoclave, Hot air oven: is used to sterilize metals and glass wares, Cooling  Centrifuge (REMI C-24), -20 ˚C Refrigerator, Laminar air flow device, Weighing  Balance, pH Meter, Magnetic Stirrer, Microscopes etc, which help the students to explore the practical approach of this subject.
Department of Botany
The department conducts various experiments on Basic Plant Sciences such as morphology, anatomy, taxonomy, etc. as well as applied aspects such as Biochemistry, Microbiology, Plant Physiology, etc. The department consists of the following instruments:
Laminar air flow, Autoclave, Hot air oven with shaker, Digital weighing machine, Light microscope (simple and compound)
Department of Geology
A brief account of laboratory, Department of Geology.
1.      Rock mineral hand specimen sample lab.
2.      Petrography (polarizing microscopy) lab.
3.      Multipurpose lab for portable sample like fossil etc.
1.  The lab is enriched with specimen samples. Mineral hand specimen samples bought and augmented in the inventory. Rock hand specimen samples are mainly collected by faculty member and students from their respective field works.
2. There are around 28 monocular polarizing microscopes for students, along with 3 self-illuminated binocular polarising microscopes for teachers for petrographic study. There is an image analyser also. The student’s microscope is illuminated artificially to facilitate practical even in the evening. Apart from that there are some binocular stereo microscopes also.
3. Portable samples like fossils are displayed.
Department of Geography
Department of geography has the following instruments like Theodolite, Dumpy level, Prismatic compass etc. These are used in practical classes of according to Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University syllabus. Practical classes also include the analysis of Topographical Map and Weather Map that helps to provide an application based approach to departmental students.
Department of Physics

        In the department of Physics there are four laboratories. These laboratories are advance enough for conducting many modern physics experiments. These are as follows

1.      Optics & Spectroscopy Laboratory: This is an undergraduate laboratory for advanced optical and spectroscopic experiments.Tthis laboratory contain two optical benches, few spectrometers, Zeeman spectroscopy setup, Michelson Interferometer, Jamin Interferometer, Ultrasonic grating experimental setup, Babinet compensator, Laser and Fiber optics setup.

2.      Electronics & Electrical Laboratory: This laboratory is equipped with basic undergraduate electronic and electrical experimental setup as well as advanced level experiments for better understanding of the subject. This laboratory contain electrical experiments like Sensitive Ballistic Galvanometer, Mutual Inductance, High resistance, B-H loop etc and electronics experiments like Transistor amplifier, OP-AMP experiments, 555 square wave generating experiments etc with meters and Oscilloscope. The laboratory also possessess VHF Signal Generator, Storage Oscilloscope & FFT Instruments, spectrum analyzer, nanovoltmeter for advanced experiments for research as well as opening the research ideas among the students.

3.      General Physics, Acoustics and Thermal Physics Laboratories: In this laboratory student do their experiments for better understanding of different mechanical properties of matter like rigidity modulus, Viscosity, Moment of inertia and gravitational constant by modern digital technique, thermal conductivity of Good conductor and bad conductor, mechanica;l equivalent of heat, platinum resistance thermometer, temperature coefficient of conductivity of metal, Stefans Constant determination etc.

4.      Advanced Laboratory:  This laboratory is especially designed with an idea to promote the students with the knowledge of high level experiments. This laboratory contain (i)  Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer  (ii) Hall effect in metal, semiconductor and temperature dependent of Hall coefficient (iii) Magnetoresistance in metal (v) Thermoluminescence setup (vi) Magnetic susceptibility by Quinck tube method & Gouy methods (vii) Metal Insulator transition experiment with 600 degree Celsius PID controlled oven (ix) Magnetic Hysteresis Loop Tracer.
 These  Laboratories are used regularly by the students with physics as main subject as well as those who opted as elective subject.     
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